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CMPC Celulosa apunta a ser líder en soluciones sostenibles con fibras naturales para mejorar la vida de las personas

Medios & Noticias

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Infórmate de los principales temas de sostenibilidad, comunidades, entrevistas, entre otros. Relacionado a nuestro negocio de celulosa!

Octubre 2021

I believe we’ve been able to continue growing and becoming more efficient every day without neglecting to meet our financial objectives.

Abril 2021

In this, his first interview as CEO of CMPC Celulosa, Varela comments on how the company managed to overcome someof the worst years that humanity has faced as a result of the impact brought

Enero 2021

CMPC is the second most sustainable forestry company in the world

Octubre 2020

It is time to get involved and shape the future, The CMPC Foundation,

Julio 2020

Working together to face Covid-19, Recognition of CMPC’s sustainability management, Hendrik Schuerfeld’s interview (Managing Director CMPC Europe)

Marzo 2020

Dow Jones Sustanability Index, CMPC has committed itself to specific environmental goals to contribute to climate change mitigation, Cristián Alfero’s interview (Europe Sales Director)

Octubre 2019

CMPC presentation to the UN, CMPC work with communities, Guillermo Turner’s interview (Corporate Affairs Director)

Julio 2019

Cmpc’s best place to work, The Hippy program, Nicolás Gordon’ s interview (Corporate Sustainability Director)

Abril 2019

Shanghai Pulp Week, Los Angeles building inaguration, Edvins Ratnieks’s interview (Customer Serive Director)


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