Santa Fe

CMPC's BEK Pulp is made 100% based on Eucalyptus wood from Chile. It is known and recognized throughout the world for its ability to produce paper with good formation, smooth surface, softness, high opacity and good bulk. It is used as a raw material in a range of products from printing & writing paper to paperboard, premium tissue paper and other specialty products.

Discover the benefits of our Pulp

The Nitens-Globulus combination provides a pretty good synergy: the higher basic density of Globulus ensures a good tensile strength and structural properties, meanwhile the greater fiber flexibility of Nitens contributes to an easy refining, which means an important energy saving for the paper manufacturer.


Savings in raw material costs

  • High tensile index

Savings in energy costs

  • Less refining energy


  • Uniform paper formation and high opacity - important for all grades of fine papers.
  • High brightness
  • High cleanliness

Main applications:


Santa Fe pulp presents good unrefined tensile strength in the typical tensile index working zone for premium Tissue. Softness is unquestionably the most desirable characteristic in premium tissue papers. In this respect, Santa Fe shows remarkable performance thanks to its high number of fibers and low coarseness.

Specialties (Decor, Cigarette, Label, Thermal Papers)

Santa Fe shows remarkable performance in this segment because of its high tensile index/air resistance ratio. This special feature gives Santa Fe pulp some special niches in the decor segment. Santa Fe pulp does not present a significantly different wet expansion for the same resistance level (e.g. 75 Nm/g), thus affirming that it has better dimensional stability.

Printing & Writing

Santa Fe pulp has allowed papermakers to consistently produce premium quality grades of printing & writing papers, with a uniform paper formation and high opacity. Smoothness is one of the properties most looked for coated papers, especially art papers with matt finish, for which surface defects diminish print quality.


The best opacity/elasticity modulus ratio is desirable to avoid show-through and cracks/creases of folded cartons and boards. In this ratio Santa Fe pulp performs very well. Bulk and stiffness are important properties for most board applications. Santa Fe pulp has a good bulk as well as a good stiffness, to produce a board which performs well in folding and creasing.