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Know the melody of the forests

Our Pulp is the matter that gives origin to all our products, which seek to make this world a more sustainable one.

Our short fiber, BEKP, is made of eucalyptus in both Santa Fe Mill in Chile and Guaíba Mill in Brazil. BSKP comes from radiata pine from both Laja Mill and Pacifico Mill, Chile.

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CMPC ranks as the second most sustainable forestry company in the world

We are proud to be ranked as the second most sustainable forestry and Paper Company in the world and for the seventh consecucutive year to be part of the prestigious international Dow Jonaes Sustainability index


Economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

CMPC's work is deeply connected to its surroundings.


Our Vision

CMPC Pulp aims to be a leader in sustainable solutions with natural fibers to improve people's lives.

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Forest harvesting

We have low-cost, high-yield geographies with continuous productivity growth and forest assets in Argentina, Brazil and Chile totaling 1,189,680 hectares as of December 31, 2019. Its subsidiaries are: Bosques del Plata (Argentina), CMPC Brazil (Brazil) and Forestal Mininco (Chile).



Its four mills – Laja, Pacifico and Santa Fé, in Chile, as well as Guaíba, in Brazil – have a production capacity of 4,2 million tons of pulp per year. Its main products are: radiata pine white kraft pulp (BSKP), sack kraft paper, unbleached kraft pulp (UKP), eucalyptus white kraft pulp (BEKP), printing and writing papers (P&W).


Logistics and Marketing

CMPC Pulp is present in the world through a network of agents and representatives in 16 countries in America, 9 in Asia, 8 in Europe and 1 in Oceania. It also supplies materials and products to the African continent. To this end, CMPC Pulp has a customer service office in the cities of Los Ángeles and Santiago, in Chile, and in Guaíba, in Brazil. It also has a commercial office in the city of Atlanta in the United States, a commercial representative office in China since 2019, and since 2020 one in Europe.



CMPC Pulp produces white kraft pulp, both long and short fiber from Radiata Pine and Eucalyptus respectively. Both made from wood coming from cultivated forests, which guarantees a pulp with consistent and stable physical and mechanical properties. Also, Laja Mill in Chile and Guaíba in Brazil both produce paper.


Customer support

Our technical customer service team is available for any questions or support, please contact us by customerservices@cmpc.cl



The sustainable management of CMPC's forest plantations is certified under the CERTFOR-PEFCTM standard to ensure the protection of native forest and biodiversity. CERTFOR is a Chilean standard endorsed by PEFCTM (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). Most forest assets are certified under FSC® and PEFCTM

Sustainable Development Goals

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Customer Service

Our technical customer service team is available for any questions or support, please contact us at customerservices@cmpc.cl