Pacifico pulp is known throughout the world as versatile pulp with consistent characteristics. It is used as a raw material in a range of products from printing and writing paper (coated or uncoated) to paperboards, tissue and other specialty products.

Discover the benefits of our Pulp

Pulp strength is one of the most important properties of Pacifico pulp with a very good balance of high tear and good tensile, burst and fold properties.

Pacifico pulp has a high coarseness and fiber length close to the market. Its attributes guarantee a very good performance comparable to dominating market pulps and boosted by its homogeneous quality given by a unique plant species.

  • Homogeneous pulp quality
  • High stable brightness
  • Good cleanliness

Main Applications


Because of its homogeneous quality, it is particularly suited for combinations with other pulps in tissue production.

Board and Specialties

Pacifico pulp presents good strength, with a tear index aligned to the most long-fiber pulps. The same applies to the tensile index.

Printing & Writing

Pacifico pulp has allowed papermakers to consistently produce premium quality grades of printing and writing papers, with an acceptable performance in terms of the strength-tensile index versus the tear index.