Danilo Vergilio: Santa Fe Pulp Mill Director Interview

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Danilo Vergilio: Santa Fe Pulp Mill Director Interview

13 Sep 2022

In this opportunity we had the privilege of knowing more about the director of the Santa Fe Mill, Danilo Vergilio, who told us about his experience in the industry and the challenges that he has to face together with his team.

1 - Could you tell us a little about you and how your career has been at the pulp fields? How long have you been there?

My name is Danilo Vergilio, I´m a chemical engineer, married to Lidiane and dad of Mateus, Lucas and Amanda. Start my carrer in Pulp sector as a process engineer in 2001, so more than 21 years learning how to produce the best Pulp for our customers. At CMCP since 2019, initially in Guaiba and for a year at Planta Santa Fe as mill manager.

2.  Which aspects of your job do you most enjoy?  

The posibility of positively impact in people's lives. From the closest people such as employees, local suppliers, our neighbors, generating people's development and improving their quality of life, to those impacted on future generations with sustainable solutions based on natural fiber with zero carbon. 

The best thing is to be part of a business that has the ESG (environment, social and governance) as axis of estrategy.


3.  What is it about Santa Fe’s pulp that our customers most appreciate? (We welcome customer visits to the mill)

The quality of our pulp. We have good tensile strength and structural properties.  The greater fiber flexibility contributes to an easy refining, which means an important energy saving for the paper manufacturer. Some Advantages:

∙       Savings in raw material costs

∙       High tensile index

∙       Savings in energy costs

∙       Less refining energy



∙       Uniform paper formation and high opacity - important for all grades of fine papers.

∙       High brightness

∙       High cleanliness


4.  What should CMPC Pulp’s customers know about the mill at Santa Fe?  

Santa Fe still the biggest pulp mill in Chile, with capacity of 1.500.000 Adt/year. A mill close to the community, working to improve quality of life of our neighborhood. Generations of employees who are proud to belong of CMPC and Santa Fe´s history.

We work with Shingo principles, respecting people, leading with humility, focusing on processes, and putting our customers at the center. 

Some enviromental goals are:

∙       Reduce by 50% absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

∙       Zero industrial waste to landfill by 2025

∙       Reduce by 25% the industrial use of water per metric ton produced by 2025


5. How is Santa Fe innovating in order to better serve our customers?

Innovation si fundamental to create value for our clients and consumers, make its processes more efficient and collaborate with the construction of a sustainable environment. In this context, CMPC seeks to project itself into the next 100 years. Here at Santa Fe mill, we are improving process control to reduce variability with Advanced Analytics and advanced controls. Developing radio frequency traceability for our products.

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